Keeping sensitive data within an app has never been so easy.

In the PRO version and in the server version you decide where the content is stored, on your own servers, in the cloud. Wherever you want and where you can find it safely. You assign the encryption key and only you assign it. We do not know this and do not want it at all.


Easy to use

load the app, create user, create group, invite member

Everything at a glance

Choose between 5 font sizes, define colors for each text, create backgrounds, etc. Only if you like. The default settings are good too!

Secure data

Everything stays in the app, nothing goes to others. Give it a try, take a photo within the app, you won't find it in the gallery or anywhere else ....

Open to YOU!

We implement Collabsec for your company!
Decide on a server version! Save the data within your network! We implement it with you. Fast, cheap and reliable.


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TRy Collbasec! It's free and without ads!

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    Dark mode

    Several settings allow you to customize Collabsec look and feel